ADHD and its treatment:

ADHD is used to refer Depression and Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. This disorder also has connection with the hip. More than one abnormal behavior that occurs with the primary condition is called comorbid. Example for comorbid: Stressed, addiction, over emotional and etc. ADHD occurs in the brain. In the brain, the frontal lobe plays an important role in finding solution for all the problems, organize, decision making and etc. ADHD is an inheriting disorder. It effects mentally. If the mental condition is affected then it also spoils the physical condition. ADHD affects both male and female but mostly affects male than female. The symptoms differ for male and female. Male becomes hyperactive whereas female becomes the silently depressed within themselves. In kids mostly the symptoms are sad, inactive and depressed. The common symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) for adults and kids are being impatience, not able to complete the task without disturbance, over emotional, not able to focus on particular work, making over sounds, always fidgeting with things.

These are the common symptoms of ADHD. The symptom of mild ADHD is not able to enjoy their work but they will be able to focus on their work. The symptoms of severe Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are shouting, over talking, over emotional, lack in concentration, continuously fidgeting with things, impatient, speaking or working without proper thinking, lack of self control, not able to stay in one place  rather they would roam about,  over  depressed mentally and this would also affect the person physically. ADHD is caused due to the inhalation of toxic substances, genetical problem, drinking alcohol and smoking. Some people think if a person is not self disciplined and is not respectful then he/she will lose their self control. There might be few cases like this but a person affected with ADHD does not belong to this case. This problem is caused due to the disorder in brain. Treating ADHD involves the following,

  1. ADHD can be cured using medicine and taking therapy.
  2. If a child has ADHD problem, then the treatment should be given for the child and counseling regarding this treatment should be given for parents.
  3. The student up to age 12, the treatment is given for child and parents. Regarding the symptoms and condition of the child should be explained well to the parents, teachers and students in the school. It is because the child spends most of his time in school with his friends and staffs and also at home with his parents.

If the therapy is explained for parents and school mates then it will be easier for the ADHD affected child to come out of this disorder sooner. It is easier in treating ADHD patient in the mild stage but it is difficult in treating ADHD patient in severe stage as the patient will not be able to concentrate on any work. Thus exercise is the best treatment for ADHD patients. This is because, doing exercise will increase memory power, concentration and keeps the patient calm and gain more of self control, thereby cure ADHD.

Anxiety symptoms

Anxiety symptoms are sometimes scary when the person is unaware of what is happening. One main symptom is the fear which is an internal response due to anxiety. When one feels fear, the heart palpitates and stimulates one to run whenever a danger is sensed. Fear can be scary when it arises without any danger being sensed. It results in anxiety when things goes out of control.

Many fears out of a normal chest pain as having a heart attack. But upon diagnosis they were turned down to be having the symptoms of anxiety. The anxiety symptoms needs to be controlled as it in the imbalance of both physical and mental state.

Emotional symptoms for anxiety

  • Intense fear that may cause the person to be in the alert state always
  • Fear of having difficulty in breathing
  • Being in a confused state always resulting in the lack of decision – making skills
  • Being unable to concentrate on any work
  • Mind being blank always
  • Consistent fear which feels difficult to overcome
  • Going insane for no reason

Physical symptoms for anxiety

  • Face looks flushed or rather paled
  • Burning sensation on the skin always
  • Chest felt tight always
  • Shortness or difficulty of breathing as a result of chest tightness
  • Feeling dizzy frequently
  • Feeling difficult to support the body up – straight such that one feels like lying down always
  • Lack of muscle control which results in the shaking of body
  • Symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and tummy twirling problems
  • Fear of having a heart attack whenever the chest felt heavy
  • Frequent need to use restroom

The above are a few of the anxiety symptoms that people face in their day to day life. It is agonizing when proper treatment is not taken to resolve anxiety issues.

As a result of anxiety people always lives in the fear of having next attack. This fear may result in several other anxiety attacks. Whenever people feels anxious, people may experience one or more of the above mentioned symptoms. People at times can identify these symptoms before experiencing a severe attack. Hence, it is required that the people should keep themselves calm and composed whenever they experience the first symptom. It is very much helpful whenever a person experience acute anxiety disorders or those who suffer attack without any triggers.

People these days are affected by a not – so serious condition called as anxiety. It becomes a huge problem when people become more stressed. Being anxious is the most common at the same time crucial thing.

Anxiety is not something that arises out of a chemical imbalance or due to any environmental pressure. There are several sources of anxiety such as marriage, parenting, workplace etc are considered as the main sources of anxiety.

Anxiety due to relationship

Under this category comes the friends and relatives. It is best to identify the relationship type that may result in anxiety. If the reason for anxiety are the friends and relatives, it is required to counsel them to resolve anxiety problems. Anxiety disorders are difficult to be cured with the help of pills. Instead it requires consistent counselling and feedback.

Anxiety due to fear

A simple fear may also result in anxiety at times. These fears may be real or may be a hallucination. Fear at times is advantageous as it may protect the people from situations that are considered dangerous. It can be our friend at one time and foe at another time. Situations causing fear should be paid attention as it may result in anxiety.


Phobias differ from fear as fear is rational whereas phobia is irrational. To point out what it is, it includes the fear of riding in an elevator and the like.

Anxiety as a result of situations

Anxiety may also be the result of fear of giving a speech in public. This can be avoided by attending classes and workshops and developing skills related to public speaking. The skill can be improvised by initially forming a small group to give the speak and extending it to larger groups.

Anxiety due to loss of sleep

Fatigue and sleeplessness can also be the reason of anxiety. It is essential to look into the factor causing fatigue and sleeplessness. Try finding sources to rejuvenate yourselves that may help you get rid of anxiety.

The best thing to do

More detective work is required in identifying the causes and remedies for anxiety. It is because the triggers for anxiety may vary from person to person. Once the triggers are found out, effective treatment mechanism need to be followed which includes counselling, feedback, supplements or any other natural means. Help of the professionals may be sought in cases when a solution to the problem is difficult to be found. In such cases, consulting professionals may be of great help.