Being a Tranquilizer, the chemical structure of Klonopin is similar to that of neuroleptics. Hence, it is used in the treatment of panic disorders and epileptic seizures at the same time.

Klonopin prescription

The drug is a benzodiazepine derivative that has a hypnotic effect when used in the treatment of depressive conditions. It also exhibits a therapeutic activity when used in the treatment of atonic epileptic seizures.

The inhibitory ctivity of Gamma – aminobutyric acid over the benzodiazepine drug is enhanced with the help of Klonopin. Once injected, the epileptogenic activities are suppressed at a faster rate and also the subcortical brainstructures’ excitability is also reduced.

The Klonopin tablets contain 0.25mg, 0.125mg, 0.5mg, 1mg or 2mg of Clonazepam when used in the treatment of panic disorders. It is possible that one can buy Klonopin 2mg online.

Recommended dosage

The recommended Klonopin dosage for the treatment of antiepileptic therapy varies for people of different age groups.

The recommended dosage for the children below 10 years of age is 0.01mg to 0.03mg per 1kg body weight every day. The dosage should be taken in an interval of 2 – 3 times a day. The dosage per day can be increased by 0.25mg to 0.5mg per kg once in 3 days.

For adults, their initial dosage is 1.5mg. The dosage per day for the adults can be increased by 0.5mg to 1mg once in 3 days.

Those adult patients who suffer from mental problems can start their antipanic therapy with an initial dosage of 0.25mg. To prevent panic attacks during the course of the treatment, the patients are recommended to consume 1mg of dosage daily where one can buy Klonopin 2mg online.

Patients suffering from severe panic disorders are recommended to use heavier dosages of 2-4 mg every single day. Persons over 18 years can solve the psychological problems with the help of this medication.

The therapy concerning antiepileptic or antipanic disorders are to be treated with Klonopin for about 2 to 3 months. It is better to avoid consuming with other medications to prevent further side effects. The exception is that it can be combined with tranquilizer in the treatment of epilepsy.


Klonopin when consumed with Valproic acid evokes a sedative effect leading to absences.

Drugs such as analgesics, neuroleptics and muscle relaxants has an enhanced therapeutic effect when combined with Klonopin

The toxicological effect on the human body can be increased with the help of Phenytoin which is an antiepileptic drug.

Side effects of Klonopin

Once Klonopin is consumed, people may experience mild cognitive impairments (MCI) which may lead to memory impairment and lower operability. As a result, it is not advisable for the patients consuming Klonopin to operate heavy machineries or driving vehicles.

In order to prevent these side effects, the use of Klonopin has to be limited. Hence, it is recommended to stop the medicine consumption for a short period of time before you resume the therapy.

Recommended tips

In order to ensure safe and secure antipanic therapy experience with the consumption of Klonopin, the following recommendations plays a vital role.

The dosage of Klonopin has to be gradually reduced till it comes to a halt in order to reduce or completely avoid the withdrawal symptoms.

Patients having cognitive impairment and sleep apnea syndrome are to be taken good care as the drug may have mild hypnotic effect on them.

Combining Klonopin with sodium Valproate can also increase the effectiveness of antiepileptic therapy.