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Obesity issues can be best treated with the help of Phentermine which is an effective anorectic agent. It is mainly used for supressing the apetite and helps in reducing the weight at a faster rate. The drug works by simulating the saturation centre thereby supressing the hunger centre present in the hypothalamus. Once this is stimulated, people stop eating more as they become saturated with just a small bite. This leads to the loss of weight much more effectively.

Information to be prescribed

It is mainly prescribed to adults who are in dire need to reduce their excess weight much more effectively as a means of treating obesity. The drug is mainly recommended for the following

If the BMI (Body Mass Index) value of a person exceeds 30 kg/m2

If the BMI value of the person lies between 27 and 29.9 kgs and if the person experiences any of the mentioned risks then the drug is recommended – type 2 diabetes, hyperlipidemia and hypertension. It is easy to buy Phentermine online.

Recommended dosage

To loss the weight much more effectively, the Phentermine dosage has to be varied from person to person. The recommended dosages are discussed below

The Phentermine dosage recommended per day is 30 mg. based on the patient’s clinical response to the therapy, the dosage can be adjusted accordingly.

The per day dosage can be increased to 40 mg provided the patient has a weak response to the treatment with 30 mg consumption per day. The dosage is increased in such a way that the patient should be able to tolerate the anorectic effect.

If the patient is unable to tolerate the Phentermine, the dosage should be reduced to a minimum of 15 mg. It is possible to buy Phentermine online of all the dosages.

The treatment should not be prolonged for more than 12 weeks as prolonged usage may lead to several dependence risks.


The Phentermine actions are potentiated with the consumption of Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors which may result in hypertensive crisis. Hence, it is not recommended to consume Phentermine together with MAO inhibitors for a longer period of time of more than 2 weeks.

It is also not recommended to consume alcohol when Phentermine is consumed as it may affect the central nervous system and depresses its functionalities.

Side effects of Phentermine

Being a psychostimulant, the side effects of Phentermine are inevitable. The side effects may be the result of the depression of the central nervous system which eventually results in depression, insomnia, increased blood pressure, nausea, constipation, nervousness and headache.

Recommended tips

It is recommended to consume Phentermine before or after the breakfast as it may suppress the persons appetite. The drug should not be administered late at night as it may result in sleep disorders.

A recent research shows that one can get rid of the excess weight with the help of Phentermine. It is best to combine with physical loads and restricted calories to obtain the best possible effect.

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