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Ancient Roman Coin Claudius

Claudius II Gothicus, Ancient Roman Coin, NGC (AU)


Ancient Roman Coin - Bronze (Billon) Antoninianus of Claudius II ("Gothicus")


Ancient Roman Coin - Billon Antoninianus of Claudius II ("Gothicus") - Hercules


Ancient Roman Coin. Claudius I AE. 42 AD. 28mm. 8.94g. Rome Mint.


Rare original ancient Roman coin pendant Claudius AE As Minerva spear shield






ST. VALENTINE COIN - Ancient Roman Love/Death Bronze Coin Claudius II 268-270 CE


Rare original ancient Roman coin Antoninian IMP CLAUDIUS AVG VICTORY wreath palm


Ancient Roman Coin: Claudius II Gothieus (268-270 AD). #19


Ancient Roman Empire coin of "Claudius II"  268-270 A.D. ... AE antoninianus  


Large Claudius II/Victory AE2 Genuine Ancient Roman Coin Pendant Rome Mint+Chain


Ancient Roman Coin 41-54AD Claudius - Minerva TI CLAVDIVS CAESAR Extraordinary


41-54AD Ancient Roman Empire Claudius AE30 As (1/2 Dupondius) Coin - 30mm


Claudius   Ancient Roman Coin, AE Sestertius 41-54 a.d.


CLAUDIUS II Gothicus with spear & globe 269AD Rare Ancient Roman Coin i54864


Ancient Roman C002, Claudius 41-54 AD, Macedonian shield, scarce, 25mm coin


Ancient Roman Coin CLAUDIUS Quadrans Modius On Obverse And S-C On Reverse


Large Claudius II/Minerva AE2 Genuine Ancient Roman Coin Pendant Sandy Patina


ancient Roman coin Emperor Claudius II Gothicus, 268-270 AD (C70)


Ancient Roman Empire Coin Of CLAUDIUS GOTHICUS Altar With Flames On Reverse


Ancient Roman Empire Claudius II Bi Double Denarius Coin,NGC Certified XF


Ancient Roman Empire Imperial Coins 260-375 A.D. Constantius Claudius + Emperors


Roman Empire Claudius AE As 41-54 AD RIC.116 Ancient Coin


CLAUDIUS II Gothicus 268AD Ancient Roman Coin Salus Health Snake i29234


CLAUDIUS 41AD Rome GOLD Aureus Authentic Ancient Roman Coin PEDIGREE to 1894


268-270 AD Ancient Roman Emperor Claudius Gothicus II Copper Quadrans coin Z24


CLAUDIUS II Gothicus 270AD Authentic Genuine Ancient Roman Coin ANNONA i73413


Claudius the 2nd Gothicus Ancient Roman coin 268-270AD


CLAUDIUS II Gothicus Silver Ancient Roman Coin HERCULES Labor APPLE NGC i68457


Claudius II Gothiicus Memorial Issue AE Antoninianus Ancient Roman Coin RIC.261


Ancient Roman Coin: 269 AD Claudius II Gothicus (268-270) Antoninianus. S-3108.


Ancient Roman Coin: Claudius II (268-270 AD). RIC 179v. #1


Ancient Roman Coin-CLAUDIUS II Gothicus 268AD/Nude Hercules. INV#548


Claudius II Gothicus Ancient Roman Coin Magic wand Forethought Goddess i35285